2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers


Love us or hate us, we're back after a restful five-year hiatus. The world has changed a bit in those five years, but the need for gift-buying guidance has not. There are still too many neckties and business cardholders embossed with the cliche scales of justice being given to lawyers by family and friends each year, hence the return to help my fellow lawyers.

As I point out in this holiday gift article in ABA Law Practice magazine with my co-author, Jim Calloway, of Law Practice Tips, "it's time to think outside the scales." So I've been scouring the backroads of the internet to find gifts that are sure to please the lawyer in your life. No more fake smiles from the lawyer, no more anxiety over what to give this year. So without further opening statement, here are the thoughtful gifts lawyers will truly appreciate receiving this year.

Theragun PrimeMassage guns are all the rage, and lawyers nationwide recognize the soothing percussive power of these devices. Several versions by Therabody are seemingly on every “best” list this year including the Prime and Mini models. The Mini is more portable and affordable ($199) but the Prime has powerful QuietForce technology to take care of all those aching muscles. ($299)

All-new Kindle Paperwhite—first new one in three years is a welcome addition to the e-reader market. A substantially larger screen, upgraded Paperwhite lighting, improved battery life, and better user interface are all reasons to upgrade. Lawyers do lots of reading whether for business or personal pleasure so have multiple books and PDFs open and active. That is done much easier—and lighter—on a Kindle Paperwhite.

Everywhere MugLawyers not only love their coffee they need their coffee early and often. The folks at Fellow advise their new Everywhere coffee travel tumbler is “finally worthy of the coffee inside.” It’s designed to “amplify the senses” and “engineered to fit the most popular manual brewing devices.” And it goes everywhere. Two sizes and limited edition colors available from $30.

Here's a wonderful new book lawyers will enjoy reading after a hard day's McCartney night: The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present by Sir Paul McCartney. The Lyrics pairs the definitive texts of 154 Paul McCartney songs with first-person commentaries on his life and music. Spanning two volumes, these commentaries reveal how these iconic songs came to be and the people who inspired them. Because McCartney’s music transcends generations, this is a wonderful gift for lawyers old and young.

SupremeMillennial lawyers appreciate experiences rather than things. Whether that is a quiet weekend on a secluded Florida island or a series of virtual culinary or music classes via Masterclass, there are many excellent experiential gift ideas. However, the best one for lawyers—that I have had the pleasure of doing—is to become a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar. Admission to the bar is straight-forward but still exclusive. The best part is appearing at the Supreme Court to be sworn in. It is both uplifting and reaffirming for lawyers to go through this ceremony even if they will never take an appeal all the way to the Supremes.

Another unique experience is learning to make the sensational translucent Raindrop cake from the originator, Darrin Wong. Raindrop Along with the class, the recipient lawyer receives the Raindrop Cake Molecular Gastronomy Kit to make during the virtual class. The classes are each scheduled for Saturday afternoons so shouldn’t interfere with billable hours—much.

LegosAs problem solvers, lawyers appreciate creative outlets outside of the office too. Couple that with the need for calming activities and you’ve described the fun of adult Legos. Yep, those same ones from childhood, only for the adult intellect. From Star Wars to sports cars, from Disney’s Cinderella castle to Hogwarts castle, and from Seinfeld to Friends (models of their iconic sets), these toys check boxes on multiple levels. From under $100 to $1,000 depending on complexity and size.

So I am violating my own rule about scales of justice logos but on this creative mug they make sense. Make one Hogwarts lawyer mug appear in the stocking of your magical lawyer! 

Remarkable 2Most lawyers still prefer writing notes not typing/keying them. Yet getting those notes into an editable form on computer can be problematic. Enter the ReMarkable 2 tablet that solves all associated issues provided you buy the tablet, stylus and pay a monthly fee to access cloud features. Is that expensive for a tablet that does only one thing—versus an iPad or Fire tablet that does multiple things? Not when you’re billing hundreds of dollars per hour and need an e-tablet that does handwritten notes better than anything on the market today. Survival

For the lawyer who turns into an outdoor adventurer those few precious weeks of vacation each year, we suggest the Adventure Essentials Survivor Kit that comes with everything one needs to survive should that adventure go wrong.

Even lawyers need to stay hydrated during long depositions or marathon negotiations, but it’s hard to remember to drink water throughout the HidrateSpark Mday. That’s now an easier task thanks to the HidrateSpark Pro water bottle and accompanying smartphone app. Touted as the “world’s smartest water bottle,” the bottle sports a lighted base that lights up when it’s time to drink up. Timing and amounts are adjustable in the app which also helps you locate a misplaced bottle. Available in stainless steel or lightweight Tritan plastic starting around $45.

Lawyers are a rebellious bunch, so it's natural that several were involved in the Boston Tea Party. To celebrate that connection, we suggest Teas of the Boston Tea Party, a selection of five heritage varieties of teas that Tea ended up in Boston Harbor back in the day. It’s a chance to enjoy a little taste of colonial freedom and celebrate a bit of history at the same time.

Need more ideas? See my prior gift guides for more ideas including 2016, 2015, and 2014 guides that still contain great ideas that never go out of style--well, not all of them! :-) 



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